Case Study: Complementary Healthcare Plans

by Jennifer Omner, ALL Publications

"I found their website," explained Jocelyn Bonebrake, Executive Assistant/Office Administrator of Complementary Healthcare Plans (, when asked how she learned of Solutions Express Office Furnishings. After reviewing the products of three vendors, she picked Trendway Choices from Debra Wyckoff of Solutions Express Office Furnishings.

"It was all about the product, and Debi being a wonderful person was a bonus!" said Bonebrake. The product needed to be easy to install and reconfigurable in the future. Counters, shelves, filing cabinets, and panels were installed for 15 cubicles. A new work area with an island was added to provide counter space for special projects. Other additions included a mail station, more storage, and a long bank of locking filing cabinets.

"Debi and Dave are very professional and were willing to listen to us and go with our suggestions. We made lots of changes and worked together to maximize our space. Dave has a ton of knowledge and Debi was willing to get questions answered. She coordinated the installation, made a checklist, and made sure we got everything. I was very impressed and pleased with the service," remarked Bonebrake.

Bonebrake was also pleased that Debi helped her company save money. By filling out some extra paperwork, Debi was able to get a discount for Complementary Healthcare Plans from Trendway. "She was always looking to save us money and I appreciated that! And Debi and Dave were willing to work within our budget and our needs," added Bonebrake.

"Debi was also in contact regarding the status of our order. I never felt lost like I might have working with a big company. And their quotes are readable and you know what you're paying for! I would totally recommend them to other people," concluded Bonebrake.

Since 1989, Complementary Healthcare Plans (CHP) has provided access to high quality, convenient, and affordable complementary healthcare services (chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and naturopathic medicine). CHP is a leader in innovative healthcare solutions for health plans, employer groups, and third-party administrators. Some of Oregon's premier health carriers have contracted with CHP: Kaiser Permanente, Providence Health Plans MCO, and Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon.