Case Study:
Avamere Health Services

by Jennifer Omner, ALL Publications

With the population aging, Avamere Health Services, Inc. ( has been in a constant state of growth. "As we hire, we need more office furniture and places for people to sit. Often employees are sharing private offices," explained Sue MacPherson, Asset Manager of Avamere.

As one business unit of Avamere moved out and another moved in, Debra Wyckoff of Solutions Express Office Furnishings was brought in. She reconfigured panel systems and supplied chairs and desks. "Debi is good at making it work. We had two desks in one private office and both employees wanted their desks by the window. Debi made it functional with the desks and returns--she's a great problem solver," explained MacPherson.

Solutions Express Office Furnishings has supplied desk chairs, desks, file cabinets, training room chairs, and conference room chairs for Avamere. "I've worked with Debi on eight or nine separate projects. She's great and so is Dave. They really know their products," said MacPherson. "I give them my budget and ask Debi what she'd recommend-what chair would she like to sit in all day? She has not led me astray!"

MacPherson explained that Wyckoff's customer service is what sets her apart. "Debi is someone I can really depend on and that allows me to focus on my job. With her awesome service and great prices, why look elsewhere!"

"The installers are also very good because they communicate with me about their arrival time, haul out boxes and debris, and aren't disruptive while they're here," MacPherson added.

Avamere and its related business units provide independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care, and memory care as well as physical therapy, home health care, hospice, and medical supply. Santé Group provides development, construction, and asset management of the physical plants. As the company continues to expand, MacPherson says she will be calling on Solutions Express Office Furnishings for more furniture solutions!